Friday, December 30, 2011


Well another year is almost over! As we say goodbye to 2011, we say hello to 2012!

My 2011 has been one of heartbreak and strength, and the strength has come from my time spent creating my MOLiCHiNO brand, it has brought me such enjoyment and a great escape from some unhappy times, but I'm grateful for the fantastic people I have met so far! I hope to meet many more people in 2012!! I also look forward to the future of Second Life, and how mesh will start to effect the fashion industry, and I hope to join in soon!

Now for the FUR!! Who doesn't love pixelated fur? :D

Well I have a few new items for you today!!

The MOLiCHiNO Fur Vest: Inspired by a picture of Rachel Zoe the great stylist to hollywood fashionistas! It comes in 7 natural fur colours, is fully sculpted, with a copy/modify option as well as a re-size script option!

The MOLiCHiNO Fur Bolero comes with different sleeve options! One option is a more high fashion couture look and the other is a more day to day wearable option :D It is sculpted, with a glitch layer, and comes in the same 7 natural fur colours as the MOLiCHiNO Fur Vest :D

Limo to MOLiCHiNO Mainstore
Aurelia :D

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